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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Radiance Diagnostics can help you in creating and maintaining a safe and peaceful work environment. Either by testing for active infections with our RT-PCR test or by determining whether your worker has been exposed in the past with our COVID-19 Antibody testing, Radiance Diagnostics can give you the data you need to make informed decisions about the safety of your workplace. Our rapid-response testing provides a fast and accurate system for your workforce to test for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Corporate COVID-19 Testing Solution

Radiance Diagnostics can help you in creating and maintaining a safe and peaceful work environment.

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COVID-19 Testing For Physicians

A diagnostics test for COVID-19 is unlike any routine tests you order. A high-throughput PCR testing for detecting a pathogen involves complex steps, and a great deal of expertise and experience. As clinical lab scientists and researchers, for decades we have been providing and developing novel tests for various health conditions.

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Individual & Families COVID-19 Testing

Whether you are an individual who needs to know if you are currently sick with the virus that causes COVID-19; a parent that wants to be sure that their children are virus-free before the start of school, camp, or activities; or to see if you may have in the been exposed to COVID-19 in the past, Radiance Diagnostics offers fast, accurate laboratory testing for all of the Greater Chicagoland area.

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Pre-Procedural COVID-19 Testing

We do COVID-19 testing for the following Pre-Procedural purposes:
Pre-Surgical COVID Testing
Pre-Dental Procedure COVID Testing
Results in < 24 hours

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Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing

RT-PCR COVID-19 tests in our facility by appointment only. Our team is dedicated to delivering results with a turnaround time of less than 24 hours. We understand your tight travel deadlines and will provide peace of mind for your next trip.

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Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Testing

Quick results in as little as 30 minutes with COVID-19 antigen testing

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